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Civil Engineering Interview Q & A For Walk-In | Gammon India

Civil Engineering Interview Q & A For Walk-In | Gammon India

Q1. What is Two way Slab?
Answer: If the ratio of Longer Span to Shorter Span is less than 2, then it is called Two way slab.

Q2. What is Kentledge?
Answer:  It is a dead weight used for applying a test load on a pile.

Q3. What is the reinforcement criteria for beam?
Answer: As per 13920 : 2016 Cl. 6.2.1, Beam shall have atleast two numbers 12 mm dia bar each at the top and bottom faces.

Q4. What is the percentage of water we can increase for every 25 mm slump?
Answer: As per IS 10262 : 2009 Cl. 4.2, We can increase 3% for every additional 25 mm slump.

Q5. As per UK gallon, 1 Gallon equals how much litres?
Answer: 4.54 Litres

Q6. In one way slab, Main bar is provided along which span?
Answer: Shorter span

Q7. How we can measure the thickness of Plaster?
Answer: Bull mark is provided at specific distance to make sure that the required thickness of Plaster is uniform throughout.

Q8. In plastering, What is known as 2nd coat?
Answer: Floating coat

Q9. What is the specific gravity range of Bentonite slurry during Piling?
Answer: 1.05 to 1.12

Q10. What is working load?
Answer: The load assigned to a pile as per design.

Q11. What is the use of Damp Proof Course?
Answer: It prevents the moisture rising up the wall from the ground.

Q12. What is small and large diameter pile?
Answer:  As per IS 2911, Part – 1, Section – 2, Piles of 600 mm or less in diameter are called small diameter pile and Piles greater than 600 mm in diameter are called large diameter pile.

Q13. What is Friction Pile?
Answer: If the pile supports the load primarily by friction along its surface, then it is called Friction Pile.

Q14. How much CFT in 1 bag of Cement (50 KG) ?
Answer: 1.225 Cubic Feet

Q15. What are the factors affecting strength of concrete?
Answer: Quality of Raw Materials, Water – Cement Ratio, Coarse – Fine aggregate ratio, Aggregate – Cement ratio, Curing period, Temperature, Compaction of concrete.

Q16. What is the density of Ice?
Answer: 920 Kg per Cubic meter.

Q17. What is a Contour Line?
Answer: A line joining points of equal elevation is known as a Contour Line.

Q18. What is the least count of theodolite?
Answer:The difference between the value of the smallest division of the main scale and that of the smallest division of the vernier scale known as the least count of the theodolite. It is the least value that can be measured by theodolite.

Q19. What is the standard thickness of Ceiling Plaster?
Answer: 6 mm

Q20. What is One way slab?
Answer: If the ratio of Longer Span to Shorter Span is more than or equal to 2, then it is known as One way Slab.

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