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Basic Interview Questions & Answers For Civil Engineers [Real Time Answers]

Basic Interview Questions & Answers For Civil Engineers

Q1. What is ductility?
Answer: Ductility is the ability to deform under tensile stress.

Q2. What is the length of riser and tread in stair case?
Answer:  Riser – 150 mm to 200 mm ; Tread – 250 mm to 300 mm.

Q3. What is the slope of staircase?
Answer: As per IS 456:2000, the slope or pitch of stair should be between 25 degree to 40 degree.

Q4. What do you mean by Segregation?
Answer: Segregation is a separation of Cement, Sand from Aggregate.

Q5. What is the Initial and Final setting time of cement?
Answer: Initial – 30 mins ; Final – 10 hours.

Q6. What is Bleeding in concrete?
Answer: Bleeding is one form of segregation, where water comes out to the surface of concrete.

Q7. What is the name of the machine to do Compression test?
Answer: Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

Q8. What is the function of stirrups?
Answer: Stirrups are provided to resist the Shear force. It also hold the main bars in position.

Q9. What is the total length of steel bar?
Answer: 12 m

Q10. What is Soil Reinforcement?Answer: Soil reinforcement is the act of improving soil strength to enable it support or carry more load.

Q11. Why foundations are placed below ground level?
Answer: To increase the stability of structure.

Q12. What is the use of 3-4-5 method in construction sites?
Answer:  This method used for setting out plan accurately at right angle.

Q13. What is the full form of DPC?
Answer: Damp Proof Course.

Q14. What is the minimum recommended diameter of bored cast in-situ pile?
Answer: As per [IS 2911, Part – 1, Section – 2], the minimum recommended diameter of pile is 450 mm.

Q15. What is the full form of RCC?
Answer: Reinforced Cement Concrete.

Q16. What is the angle of Hook in Stirrups?
Answer: 135 degree.

Q17. What is the factor that helps in converting Wet concrete volume to Dry concrete volume?
Answer: 1.54

Q18. How to convert Cubic meter to Cubic Feet?
Answer: Multiplying by 35.3147

Q19. What is the direction of Main & Distribution bar in RCC Slab?
Answer: Main bar in Shorter span and Distribution bar in longer span.

Q20. What is End Bearing Pile?Answer: If the pile supports the load primarily by resistance developed at the pile tip or base, then it is called End Bearing Pile.

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