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Basic Interview Q & A For Civil Engineers [Real Time Answers] | L & T

Basic Interview Q & A For Civil Engineers [Real Time Answers]| By L & T

Q1. What is the formula for calculating Riser in Staircase?
Answer: Riser = Tread + 1

Q2. Which Zone Sand is suitable for Plaster?
Answer:  Zone - 3

Q3. Why we provide Alternate Bent Up bar in slab?
Answer: To resist Negative Bending Moment

Q4. Which Code we use for Concrete Mix Design?
Answer: IS 10262 : 2009

Q5. What is the size of Cube taken for Compressive Strength Test?
Answer: 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm

Q6. What is the weight of Cube of Size 150 mm x 150 mm x 150mm?
Answer: 8.1 Kg

Q7. What is meaning of 43 grade, 53 grade on Cement bags?
Answer: Cement grade indicates the Compression strength of cement after 28 days of setting.

Q8. How to calculate the number of stirrups?
Answer: Number of Stirrups =[ (Length of Span/Spacing of Stirrups) + 1 ]

Q9. What is Transit Theodolite?
Answer: A transit Theodolite is one in which the telescope can be revolved completely about the horizontal axis in a vertical plane.

Q10. What are the functions of a theodolite?
Answer: The function of a theodolite are to measure the following quantities : a) Horizontal angle, b) Vertical angle, c) Deflection angle, d) Magnetic Bearing, e) Horizontal Distance

 Q11. What is the standard thickness of Putty?
Answer: 3 mm

Q12. Which Zone sand is suitable for Filling purpose?
Answer:  Zone - 4

Q13. What is the Standard thickness of mortar for bedding of Flooring?
Answer: 35 mm

Q14. What is the standard size of modular brick?
Answer: 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm

Q15. What is the standard thickness of External Plaster?
Answer: 19 mm

Q16. Which Zone sand is suitable for Concrete?
Answer: Zone - 2

Q17. What is the standard thickness of Internal Plaster?
Answer: 12 mm

Q18. What is the full form of AAC Block?
Answer:Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Q19. What is the volume of 1 bag Cement?
Answer: 0.0347 Cubic meter

Q20. What is the name of Binding wire used in construction?
Answer: Black Annealed Wire

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