Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Aluminium Formwork Refurbishment

Process Involved

A) Manual Cleaning

A working table to be made and the Concrete lumps, dirt shall be cleaned by the scrapper and wire brush.

A.1) Tools Required

  • Ball Pein Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Scrapper

B) Machine Cleaning

Side rails are cleaned with GQ4 Grinding Machine, 4” circular buffing wheel.

B.1) Tools Required

  • GQ 4 Grinding Machine
  • 4” circular buffing wheel

C) Dent Removal

Remove the Dents if any in the panel using a hammer and a flat base plate. Make sure that no point contact is there during this process.

D) Welding

After removing the dents, inspect the panel for any cracks in the welding joints. If found it shall be welded.

D.1) Tools Required

  • TIG Welding machine
  • Welding coil spec :Aluminium filler wire 1.2 mm. Er 5356. Make: Indaco

E) Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning shall be done with the sander disc, ensure that smooth rendering only is done.

E.1) Tools Required

  • AG7 & AG4 GrindingMachine ( RPM – 5000)
  • Sander Disc (80/120 Grade)

F) Lacquering and Stenciling

Brushing viscosity of lacquer can be 30 sec. Surface to be touch dry with in 10 min of application. Allow over night and use. Thinner- MCC 2507.

Safety items

  • Hand gloves
  • Nose mask
  • Ear plug / ear muff
  • Apron
  • Goggles – white

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