Saturday, 1 September 2018

SLIP FORM : Slipform Reinforcement

The progress of slipform is mainly determined based on the time consuming for concrete pouring speed and reinforcement tying. if any delay in these two the progress will affect drastically. As the space available for tying the horizontal is restricted in slipform, it is very essential to plan all the activities well in advance and to be prepared before starting of slipform. 

The following points have to be considered while making the schedule. 

1. The length of vertical/horizontal bars should be restricted to 5 meter due to the constraints in lifting and handing at heights. 

2. The diagonal bars around openings should be avoided. 

3. Wherever stirrups are used it should be in 2 pieces only. 

4. It is not possible to have verticals in yoke locations and hence alternate bars should be placed nearby. 

5. Wherever concrete is taken through a chute the verticals below the chutes have to be lapped with smaller lengths by means of welding. 

The total requirement of reinforcement should be cut / bent and kept near the slipform structure before starting slipform. The stocks should be kept with proper tag for easy identification. 

Reference Standards And Codes 

1. ACI 318 - Building code requirements for reinforcement concrete. 

2. ACI 304 - Recommended practice for measuring, mixing, transporting and placing concrete. 

3. ACI 313-77 R83 - Recommended practice for design and construction of concrete bins, silos and bunkers for storage of granular materials. 

4. ACI 347-78 - Recommended practice for concrete formwork. 

5. ACI 313-77 - Allowable tolerance. 

6. ASTM C 403-70 - Penetration resistance method of concrete setting.

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