Wednesday, 15 August 2018

SLIP FORM : Types Of Slipform

The Slipform can be broadly classified into, 

A. Straight Slipform. 
B. Tapering Slipform. 
C. Slipform for Special Applications.

Typical Structures that are constructed using Straight Slipform technique are, 

1. Silos 
2. Cylindrical chimneys 
3. Water tank shafts 
4. Columns 

Typical Structures that are constructed using Tapering Slipform are, 

1. Conical chimneys 
2. Ventilation stack 
3. Tapered bridge piers 

Typical Structures that are constructed using Special Slipform are, 

1. Lift cores 
2. Framed structures 
3. Preheater building 
4. RCC Pylons 

Construction of block of flats, lifts and stair- well, bridge piers, Preheater and RCC pylons for boiler supporting structure using Slipform techniques comes under special applications because of their complex sizes, shapes and loads to be lifted along with Slipform, like walkway trusses, etc. which is essential for construction.


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