Sunday, 26 August 2018


1.Position the vertical and horizontal reinforcement with correct cover. 

2. Casting the starter. (Provide pocket or pipe sleeve in yoke locations to accommodate tapered sleeves ) 

3. Check starter for the correctness in inclination level and diameter. Chipand finish the same, if required. 

4. Erect central tower using L&T HDT system and fix planks on the top afteraligning the top construction accurately. 

5. Fix the centre frames with the help of scaffold pipes, if required. 

6. Pre assemble the trusses and spiders after marking the location of insideyoke leg, assemble with yoke legs, yoke beams, adjusting screws as perinitial setting diagram , erect them and provide support. 

7. Check the level of truss. 

8. Mark the position of inside and outside yokes in the starter starting fromthe tower location. 

9. Assemble the panels along with form supports with pre assembledcondition. 

10. Fix top and bottom waler. Fix external supports both horizontal and inclinedto align the shutter. 

11. Fix inside and outside consoles and upper outside console and fixplanks. 

12. Fix the yoke beams at top & bottom. 

13. Check the level of yoke beams with spirit levels. 

14. Fix the top platform pipes with guard railings. 

15. Fix the jacks & turnbuckle jacks and finish the hydraulic connections. 

16. Test for leakage in the line and jacks and replace, if required. 

17. Fix water level tubes & check the platform level. Adjust if required. 

18. Check the final adjustment as per the initial setting diagram. 

19. Fix the handrails. 

20. Fix the tapered sleeves & jack rods. 

21. Energise the slipform before filling the form and removing temporarysupports. 

22. Start the concreting after completion of all activities and checking theavailability of all materials as given in the planning for slipform. 

23. Fix the inside and outside hanging scaffold and do the decking. 

24. Tie the safety net.

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