Sunday, 19 August 2018


1. Position the vertical and horizontal reinforcement with correct cover. 

2. Casting of the starter. (min : 150 - 200 mm) 

3. Check starter for the correctness in level and diameter. 

4. Fix the inside and outside staging brackets/erect scaffold pipes, if required. 

5. Fix timber runners connecting the walkway brackets. / Level the surface using cement mortar. 

6. Check the level. 

7. Tie the vertical and horizontal reinforcement up to shutter top height. 

8. Mark the position of inside and outside yokes in the starter, starting from the tower location. 

9. Ensure that three sets of yokes are located in between two tower verticals. 

10. Align the panels and introduce steel washers at regular intervals to maintain4mm slope both inner & outer faces. 

11. Fix top and bottom waler pipe. Fix external supports, both horizontal and inclined to align the shutter. 

12. Fix filler panels. 

13. Repeat the operation 10 to 12 for outside and make sure that washers are introduced at the bottom of shutters to achieve 4mm slope towards inside. 

14. Fix the waler shoes, inside and outside yoke legs. Adjust waler shoe and check the verticality on both faces. 

15. Keep timber supports between top & bottom walers at yoke location. 

16. Align the form panel by external supports. 

17. Fix the yoke beam generally two numbers at the bottom and one number at top. 

18. Check the level of yoke beams with spirit levels. 

19. Fix the inside and outside walkway brackets. 

20. Finish the final alignment by suitably adjusting the waler shoe bolts. Ensure that all walers are touching the form panels. Provide packing wherever required. 

21. Fix the flying tie rod assembly and support the center rings. Ensure uniform tightness is maintained in all the spokes.

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