Wednesday, 29 August 2018

SLIP FORM : Assembly of Stair Tower

The verticality of the stair tower shall be checked only with plumb bob.Stair tower shall be checked for verticality at every support location. If any deviation is found it shall be corrected then and there, by adjusting support length. The deviation in verticality shall not be more than 10 mm for every 10 M of height and maximum 50 mm for the overall height. 


1. Uniform layer of concreting. 

2. Regular cleaning of shutters. 

3. Penetration testing of concrete, for setting time. 

4. Freeness of tapered sleeves. 

5. Periodical plumb readings. 

6. Adjustment for tilt & twists. 

7. Prevent overflowing of concrete. 

8. Maintain a free board of 100 mm. 

9. Uniform distribution of load on the platform. 

10. Lowering of unwanted materials periodically. 

11. Proper handling of lasers. 

12. Cooling of jacks where the temperature is very high. 

13. Protection of high pressure hose. 

14. Protection of turnbuckle spindles. 

15. Greasing of all moving parts / outside the shutters. 

16. Ensure free movement of shutters, walers, intermediate form supports,planks and handrails. 

17. Consistent quality of concrete. 

18. Periodical checking of concrete slump. 

19. Fixing of required setting time for concrete based on slipping speed. 


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