Saturday, 15 July 2017


Sequence No. 1

Form Release agent (Solvent based) to be applied on the surface of all the panels before the assembly process.

Sequence No. 2

Outer Corner is fixed to External Wall Corner panel by round pin and wedge.

Sequence No. 3

Inner Corner is fixed to the Internal Wall panels by round pin & wedge. The Internal and External Wall Panels are hold by Flat Tie with Tie Bar Shield in between the panels.

Sequence No. 4

Repeat Sequence No. 3 to complete the assembly of both the Internal and External Wall Panels.

Sequence No. 5

Install Slab Corner on the top portion of the Wall Panels with round pin & Wedge.

Sequence No. 6

Alu spans mid beams / end beams and prop head are combined by beam splice bar with long pin and wedge at the bottom section.

Sequence No. 7

Start the assembly of the Slab Panels from the slab corner Internal. Subsequently, fill out the whole slab area by pinning the slab panels together with the Alu spans (Comprises of Alu spans and cantilevers) Mid Beams / End Beams.

Sequence No. 8

Additional Wall Panels (or Kickers) are fixed to the external Wall Panels to raise to the appropriate height to contain the slab concrete when it is poured.

Sequence No. 9

Upon completion of the installation and fixing of the wall and slab panels, a numbering sequence will be made for each of these panels with colour identification scheme to differentiate each of the unit area such as bedrooms, living room, bathroom etc. This numbering and colour identification scheme will ensure that each panels can be determined as to their exact location once they are transferred to the next level for installation.

Sequence No. 10

Always ensure that wall ties, pins and wedges are properly installed and secured before pouring concrete into the forms. Ensure that concrete pouring is distribute evenly throughout the wall panels section before commencing to cast the slabs level area.

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