Saturday, 10 June 2017

ALUMINIUM FORMWORK : Installation of Works of Rebar, M&E & Plumbing

(1) The support works such as rebar, Mechanical & Electrical (M&D) and plumbing are to commence immediately once the set up is done. The same is to be ensured before installing the aluminium formwork. 

(2) The support works for the slab section commence after the slab formwork panels are assembled.

(3) Cover blocks should be fixed on both sides of the rebar section for positioning and eliminate the rebar from resting on the surface of the formwork panels. 

(4) Positioning of outlets for Electrical switch boxes to its correct alignment can be done by riveting the appropriate fit size mould to the formwork panels. The electrical switch boxes are then securely cap to the fit size mould and fasten by way of wiring to the formwork panels. Ensure that it is properly secured to prevent grouting from building up in the switch boxes.


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