Tuesday, 27 June 2017


1. Formwork panels shall be removed without damaging the concrete. Reinforcement Bars or other tools shall not be used as a lever against the concrete in removing the formwork panels. Only panel puller shall be used for removing the wall panels. 

2. The appropriate time for the stripping of formwork panels will vary according to the environment and type of concrete used. The formwork panels of the wall, column and beam section can be usually dismantled after 12 hours. However, this process shall subject to approval of the project structural engineer after taking into consideration the grade of concrete used, additional props stand ordered, etc. 

3. Always ensure that the wall section panels are removed first follow by the column and beam sections. 

4. For precautionary step, ensure that formwork panels are removed systematically and due care is to be taken to prevent any damages to the formwork panels and also finish surface of the concrete whenever possible. 

5. For safety reason, ensure that no workers are facing the pin and wedges when removing using hammer. Pin and wedges removed are to be collected and placed in containers to minimize lost and replacement. 

6. The dismantle formwork panels shall be transferred to the next level/floor for subsequent assembly process via the slab opening or staircase areas in an orderly manner and to the appropriate section/area immediately. This will eliminate the confusion and congestion in the dismantling area or level as a result of too many dismantled formwork panels lying on the floor area. 

7. As the formwork panels are pre-numbered and if colour identification scheme is implemented, the transfer of panels can be determined and planned ahead according to the various sections/areas of one level/floor to the subsequent level/floor. 

8. Always ensure that all the formwork panels are to be properly cleaned and applied with the form release agent to protect the surface of the formworks before re-used. 

9. For the external wall section, the Starter Block (kickers) on the upper portion of the floor level shall remain intact to support and align the next level/floor of formwork panels that are going to be assembled. The assembly of the external formwork panels can be done by using the external working platforms that are fixed to the wall areas.

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