Monday, 19 June 2017

ALUMINIUM FORMWORK : Concreting Process

Pre-Check Before Concreting

1. Ensure that the position of the walls and column formwork are in accordance with the set up marking.

2. Check to ensure correct spacing of props for slab formwork. 

3. Check the verticality and horizontality level of the wall and slab panels respectively. 

4. Ensure that all pins, wedges and ties are properly secured and tightened. 

5. Re-check the opening such as door and window panels are correct. 

6. Re-check all popping stands to ensure its height are in accordance to drawings. 

7. Adequate bracing (if necessary) to ensure stability. 

8. Ensure cover blocks are placed correctly. 

Monitoring During Concreting Process 

1. Ensure site coordinators are available and on stand-by during the concreting process. 

2. Always ensure that concrete pouring is disturbed evenly throughout the wall sections before commencing to cast the slab level areas. This is to prevent loading pressure on the formwork panels due to uneven casting.

3. Re-check the areas whenever cement slurry leakage is noted to determine the cause of it. Remedy work should be done immediately to ensure the concreting process is not affected. 

4. During concreting, always ensure that immediate steps is taken to remove/clean all the access concrete that is stuck on the back of the formwork panels. Non removal will result in the formwork panels getting too heavy and also the scrapping task after the concrete has dried up becomes more tedious.

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