Sunday, 11 June 2017

ALUMINIUM FORMWORK : Assembly of Wall Formworks

1. Always commence wall erection from the external corner of the wall section to ensure both joint external corner wall panels will support each other for standing position. Pin and wedges are to be used to secure the panels together. Always insert the pin from the inside out for easy removal of pin after concreting. 

2. The formwork panels wall positioning is securely placed on the marked gridlines and level by way of fixing timber stoppers at the base of the outer side of the formwork panels at interval of 1 m. This would ensure that the formwork panels are not disposition during the concreting process. 

3. Once the initial wall corner panels are assembled, place the wall corner panels on the allotted set up position. 

4. Commence to erect simultaneously the balance of the wall panels from either side of the external wall panel. 

5. Proceed to assemble the internal wall corner. Place these panels into the correct position on the lines which were set up by the surveyor. Proceed to assemble the balance of the internal wall at both sides. 

6. The internal and external walls are to be held together by flat wall tie with wall tie sleeve and PVC cover. These wall tie sleeve and PVC cover are to be cut for the exact length of the wall thickness. Flat wall tie are to be coated with the Form Oil before each usage. 

7. To determine and achieve the vertical accuracy of the formwork panels assembled before concreting process, several methods such as plumb bob, spirit level, theodolite equipment etc can be used. The simplified method of using a plumb bob with a string attached to it which is then suspended from the upper part of the formwork panels is used as a guide to determine the deviation from the vertical alignment of the panels.

8. Additional wall panels or starter blocks (kickers) are fixed on the external wall panels in accordance to the required height for the formation of the slab concrete. Check to ensure that the verticality of the Starter Blocks (kickers) is correctly aligned. 

9. The Starter Blocks (kickers) shall remain at its position for the subsequent forming of next level wall.

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