Wednesday, 14 June 2017

ALUMINIUM FORMWORK : Assembly of External Working Brackets

1. External working platform brackets are used to provide a work area at the external wall section. 

2. Once the first level is completed and external fromwork panels are removed, fix the external working brackets to the first floor level at position slightly below the kickers which are fixed on first floor external slab. 

3. The external working brackets are secured to the external wall section from the inside using tie rods, nuts and bolts. 

4. Once all the external working brackets are put in place, timber planks and strips are placed on the floors and railings respectively to create an external working platform for the assembly of the subsequent level of the external formwork panels and kickers. 

5. Another set of external working brackets are later fixed on the subsequent level using the method as prescribed above. 

6. Once the subsequent level of external formwork panels are fixed, the external working brackets at one level below are removed and moved to the subsequent level. This process is repeated until the completion of the subsequent floors.

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