Tuesday, 13 June 2017

ALUMINIUM FORMWORK : Assembly of Beam & Slab Formworks

1. Fix the slab corner on top of the wall panels with round pins and wedges. The position of the pins should be from top down to ease the dislodging process.

2. The prop length and prop head is to be connected together for beam and slab support.

3. Alu span mid beam and Alu span cantilever end beam are connected to the Slab prop head using Beam Splice Bars. They are connected together by long pins and wedges at bottom section.

4. The Alu span mid beam sections are accurately position to enable the slab panels to be connected systematically.

5. Commence to assemble the slab panels from the corner section of the slab. Subsequently, fixed the whole slab area by pinning the slab panels together with the Alu span mid beam.


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