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ALUMINIUM FORMWORK : Worksite Management


1. Prior to the arrival of the containers from the disembarking point to the project work site ; a Stock Yard is to be properly allocated and set up for the unloading of the formwork material and accessories.

2. This stock yard should preferably be located at close proximity or within the compound of the project work site, properly fenced up and security shall be of up most priority due to the high residue value in the secondary market for aluminium formwork material.

3. A workshop area for maintenance of formwork material is recommended to be set up at the project site to minimize the downtime in requisition of replacement panels. 

4. The proposed stock yard and workshop area shall be flexible and re-adjustable to suit the working environment and project work site. As a result of the far away stock yard or workshop area the project progress will affect the targeted construction cycle time. 

5. Upon arrival of formwork panels at project site, Site personnel shall ensure that the panels are stacked and stored according to sizes and marking using proper separator such as pallets for easy identification and allocation for subsequent distribution. (Dry Mockup will be assembled as per schemes at factory; this will eliminate the usual problematic discrepancies of odd size panels which need to be fabricated at project site).


1.  BSCC - HQ shall provide the estimated manpower requirement for the project based on the quantity of formwork panels to be supplied to achieve the required cycle time. This manpower requirement shall vary according to the size of formwork use on the building.

2. However, the manpower requirement for other supplementary trades which complement the formwork installation such as Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) services and rebar works need to be taken into consideration also.

3. A joint effort of all operations from formwork installer, rebar, plumbing, electrical and concreting workers need to be sunchronized to achieve the required cycle time.

4. Segregation and sustematically allocation of duties for each formwork team are required in ensuring optimization of productivity. Hence, each team shall be delegated or assigned to do specific jobs task on a daily basis to resemble a manufacturing production line. However, due consideration should be used in determining the level of experience and compatibility of persons when allocating tasks to minimize the risks.


1. Control measures should be taken to identify and minimize the hazards associated with work involving the assembly and dismantling of formwork equipment such as falls from height, slips, falling objects, noise, dust and manual tasks.

2. The external working brackets / platforms or scaffoldings should not be used to stack materials or equipment. This will lead to the persons working on it expose to additional hazards in relation to trips and slips or collapse of the external working brackets / platforms or scaffolding.

3. Minimize the working heights for persons performing the assembly and dismantling formwork.

4. Mixing of formwork components should be avoided to prevent unsafe installation such as mixing pins and braces which may lead to collapse of the formwork.

5. Do not allow drop stripping of formwork as it is an unsafe practice.

6. Partially assembled or dismantled formwork should be secured during break time to prevent against overturning or collapsing due to strong wind or accidently / unintentionally knock over by workers.

7. Electrical safety should be implemented for the safe use of electrical equipment.

8. Protruding flat ties or projecting nails should be removed immediately with appropriate tools at dismantling stage.

9. Use of personal protective equipment by all persons working at work areas (such as safety hardness, safety helmets, eye protection etc) should be strictly implemented.

Accessories & Tools

1. Accessories (10%) extra will be supplied for the assembly and dismantling of the formwork panels.

2. Sufficient tools required for assembling and dismantling will also be supplied as per the attached list.

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