Sunday, 28 May 2017


Setting Up Level & Marking Of Position

The project surveyor shall mark based on the approved construction drawings to ensure that the grid line and level of the foundation level is properly set up, marked for walls, columns etc. Leveling must be checked prior to commencement of formwork installation to ensure accurate positioning.

Formwork Panels

1. Cleaning of the surface and side panel of the formwork after each usage shall be done immediately using proper tools. 

2. Ensure that all front and side panel of formwork is properly coated with recommended Form release agent that prevents from sticking and concrete build up aluminium form surfaces. It protects and prolongs the useful lives of the aluminium formwork. 

3. The following precautions shall be taken when applying the Form oil on the aluminium panels 

     (a) The best results are obtained when a uniform application of Form oil is applied immediately following stripping and subsequent cleaning of the panels. Always ensure that the coated form surfaces are allowed to dry prior to placing concrete. 

     (b) Do not over apply. Excess Form oil can adversely affect performance and should be picked up promptly with rags. 

     (c) Prevent Form oil overspray from contacting reinforcing Steel bars and/ or tensioning cables.


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