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Determination of Specific Gravity & Water Absorption of Fine Aggregates


The object of the experiment is to determine the Specific Gravity & Water Absorption of Fine Aggregate by using Pycnometer or Specific Gravity Flask. Specific Gravity is the ratio of the mass of unit volume of soil at a stated temperature to the mass of the same volume of gas free distilled water at a stated temperature.


1. Weighing balance
2. Thermostatically controlled oven
3. Pycnometer
4. Enamel tray
5. Air tight container
6. Glass rod
7. Wash bottle
8. Filter Paper
9. Funnel


1. Take 500 gms of sample (Sand) in SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) condition.
Weight of Sample = .................... (D)
2. The sample is then placed in Pycnometer and fill the Pycnometer with Distilled water properly.
Weight of Pycnometer + Sample + Water = .................... (A)
Now, empty the contents of pycnometer in enamel tray. Wash and wipe the pycnometer properly.
3. Fill the Pycnometer with only distilled water.
Weight of Pycnometer  + Water = .................... (B)
4. The water form the enamel tray is removed by decantation in a beaker. Again the solution form the beaker is passed through filter paper with the help of funnel in another beaker. The total sample (sample left in enamel tray + sample left in filter paper) is then placed in an thermostatically controlled oven at 100 degree celcius for 24 hours. After 24 hours the sample is then allowed to cool in air tight container. Now note the weight of oven dry sample.
Weight of Oven dry sample = .................... (D)


Calculate the Specific Gravity & Water Absorption of Sand using the following formula :


WATER ABSORPTION = [(C - D)/D] x 100

Here is a Video By LEARNING TECHNOLOGY, which explains very beautifully about the process of determination of SPECIFIC GRAVITY & WATER ABSORPTION OF FINE AGGREGATE


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