Tuesday, 27 June 2017


1. The appropriate time for the stripping of formwork panels will vary according to the environment and type of concrete used. The formwork panels of the slabs section are usually dismantled after 36 hours. However, this process shall subject to approval of the project structural engineer after taking into consideration the grade of concrete used, additional props stand ordered, etc.

2. The Aluspans mid beams / end beams have to be removed first after dismantling the wall panels. Proceed by removing the long pins and wedges on the joint bars for the end and middle beams. However, the prop lengths are to remain undisturbed during this process to lend support for the weight of the concrete slab.

3. There shall be 2 sets of prop lengths to support the concrete slab. the first set of the prop stands will only be removed when the assembly of the third level/floor commences and also upon approval and consultation with the project structural engineer. 

4. Proceed to dismantle the slab panels by commencing from the end of the slab area. Once the slab panels are dismantled, continue to remove the slab corners.


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