Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How To Make BBS of Column in Details

I am uploading my documents for you only on your request, So that you can download it from here. But one thing keep in mind that this is only the hand made notes. If you want detailed knowledge then watch my video on you tube. I am telling this because many important points i cover during making of video, so if you want to know in detail then watch my video.


  1. sir please upload the video on BBS of Continuous beam ....please sir as soon as possible upload a video on BBS of simple beam and in the end of the video you said to upload the Video on BBS of Continuous beam because it's quite different from simple beam....sir please upload the

  2. Hello sir ,
    I saw your vedio oy was amazing.but i have doubt in my mind that some time you are deducting 5x2d for 90 degree stirrups and in other u dedicated only 3x2d.please let me mail id
    Thank you

  3. Dear sir z teach me about
    pile beem and roof . How will I deside any pile size beem size or roof thinkness and it's BBS ...

    Pls pls pls pls.......

  4. Please give lectures in English

  5. Sir how to make bbs of isolated footing

  6. sir bar bending schedule ki information site pe kis format may provide ki Jati Hai aur client ko kis format Mein di Jati Hai